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Questioning Postmodern Justice

A weekly Q & A podcast with legal expert Alexander C. Baker, J.D.

In collaboration with Family Court Anti Corruption Coalition

Recorded live every Sunday starting at 11:00 AM PT (6 PM UTC)

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Ask Alex 030

Jail Time for Posting a Petition? It's Orwellian and Kafkaesque.

Ask Alex 029

What Do Bill Gates, Michael Jackson, Rudi Giuliani, and OJ Simpson Have in Common?

Ask Alex 028

False Allegations - Not just for Family Court Anymore!

Ask Alex 027

Like a Proctologist with Poor Depth Perception!

Ask Alex 026

Family Court Victim - Ready to Come Come Out of the Closet?

Ask Alex 024

Transgender Tyranny: Jailed For Saying "She"

Ask Alex 023

Court Corruption, Jailed for Opposing Teen Transgender, Sagi Shwartzberg Busted, More

Ask Alex 022

Go Public? It's Working! + Judge Bloom in W.V. is Evil

Ask Alex 021

Lawsuit: Vaccines Make Us Unhealthy. Is No One Ever To Blame?

Ask Alex 020

Baby Dramatically Saved from DCFS in 21st Century Underground Railroad Operation!

Ask Alex 019

Can an ADA Advocate Record a Court Hearing ?

Ask Alex 018

Will Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (D-CA 11) Investigate Court Corruption?

Ask Alex 017

Are They Really Going To Let Us Listen In On Corrupt Hearings?

Ask Alex 016

Judge Orders us to Lie to the Kid, + Mark Got a Judge Removed !

Ask Alex 015

I Object! Rules of Evidence + Shocking Transgender Teen Case

Ask Alex 011

Can the Supreme Court Case Tanzin v. Tanvir Help Us?

Ask Alex 007

Can They Put You In Jail For Somebody Else's Facebook Post?

Ask Alex 001

What is Judicial Immunity?

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