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PMJMP Vision Statement

PMJMP Vision Statement

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Vision Statement

Post Modern Justice Media Project

My name is Alexander C. Baker, J.D. My friends call me Alex. I'm the president of the Post Modern Justice Media Project, a new nonprofit dedicated to educating the public about court corruption. I am a legal expert in the field of civil rights, and a highly in-demand litigation paralegal. For 20 years before earning my law degree in 2017, I had a very successful career as a composer and producer of music for film and television.

Like so many others, I too have been eviscerated by the corrupt court system. Dedicating the rest of my life to exposing this problem is what now gives me purpose. Relying on my expertise in both law and media, I am structuring this organization to do so. And as deep as this problem surely runs, if you have a few minutes, I'd like to share with you why I am optimistic that a solution exists, and is ours to create.

I understand.


You and your family have been through a tragic ordeal in the court system, and my heart goes out to all of you. As a victim of court corruption myself, I know the pain and anguish you suffer - as only those of us who have been through it possibly can. Our numbers are reaching critical mass. Our stories must be told.
Millions of people across America have come to the same devastating realization that we have - there is something horribly wrong with the court system.


Property, money and human beings are seized and held hostage. Those involved then have a choice: either litigate for years (so the family is destroyed and the lawyers get everything), or else walk away (so the family is destroyed and the lawyers get everything). Money gone. Relationships shattered. Lives ruined. And nobody knows what to do.

I do.

At least, I believe I know what needs to happen. As a professional in the fields of both law and media, I feel very strongly that the human tragedy of court corruption will only be solved by proceeding simultaneously in:


  • The Court of Law, and

  • The Court of Public Opinion.

In Courts of Law, I am actively involved in researching and drafting federal Civil Rights litigation against those responsible. We have two such cases pending in federal court in Los Angeles, and our first class action case was just filed in federal court in Arizona.

But without also trying these cases in the Court of Public Opinion, our civil rights lawsuits can, of course, be corrupted, dismissed and swept under the rug just like all the others. As long as the truth goes undocumented, these dirty Judges and Lawyers will just keep right on doing what they are doing. The system won't be fixed because the system isn't broken. The court system is working quite well, as intended, by and for those who set it up. But...


Imagine there was a news network with a broad reach, dedicated to fair reporting on matters in Family Court, Probate Court, and Child Welfare Court. Imagine a documentary series profiling the most egregious cases. Imagine a Court Show where regular people conduct a mock trial of their former judge, and the viewing audience gets to be the jury. Or a reality show about CPS. Or a full-length feature film. The possibilities are many.

Whatever form it takes, from the standpoint of building an audience, courtroom drama works. We know this. We just need the resources and the resolve to bypass the mainstream, to realistically show the corruption for what it is. The audience is waiting. They are starving. Millions have been hurt, and they will be healed by feeling that their story is finally being told. That they have a voice.

We can be that voice.

And people will be forever grateful. Last month, I wrote a civil rights complaint for a married couple whose biological daughter was wrongfully taken from them - out of the blue - after a secret, unnoticed hearing. And this came 5 days after the father was officially cleared of the one vague (and obviously false) allegation against him. After reading that court paper, the mom called me and was beside herself, weeping tears of joy. Finally, she said, after 2 years of trying to get their daughter back, somebody was telling their story. Somebody gets it.

I can tell you dozens of stories like that. A man named Jerry had his entire property stolen in a bogus receivership proceeding. Like so many, Jerry was despondent beyond words, not only for the taking of his property, but because the system was conspiring to make it happen, and his first lawyers weren't even taking his side. Then we came along and told his story right. That matter is still on appeal, but I can tell you he is eternally grateful, just for telling the truth and actually sticking up for him, while calling out corruption. Finally, he said, somebody gets it.

We get it.

Now it's time to show the world what we already know. We can create and distribute media. We can reach a large audience. We need to build an entrepreneurial organization of highly talented writers, directors, journalists, scholars, publicists, musicians, artists, software engineers, marketers, and more. We need to arrange our own distribution through social media and alternative avenues. We have to strategize around de-platforming. But it can be done, and done at a very high level. Once these corrupt judges and lawyers realize that we are shining the light of truth on their dark and diabolical enterprise, they will be shamed into doing the right thing.

That is why I founded Post Modern Justice Media Project - to get the story of court corruption into the hearts and minds of the public. That is, to try these cases in the Court of Public Opinion. This is my vision, but I certainly cannot do it alone. As we build this organization, I look forward to learning your thoughts, feeling your heart, and seeing your vision.

I know this can work, because it worked before.

I will leave you with a true story of how media conquered corruption at least one time in the past. As you surely know, from the 1930's through the 1960's, the practice of lobotomy was widespread. Supposedly to treat mental illness, removing a major portion of the human brain was a grotesque example of involuntary human medical experimentation.


Hundreds of thousands were operated on. Many were military veterans suffering from what we would now call P T S D. The medical studies and popular press of the time were cheerfully reporting the practice to be safe and effective. A Nobel Prize was even awarded to a lobotomist by the name of Antonio Egaz Moniz.

While there were lobotomy lawsuits, those got swept under the rug. What actually ended the corrupt practice was media production. Yes, they tried the case in the Court of Public Opinion. Specifically, it was One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - first the novel by Ken Kesey, then the academy award winning movie starring Jack Nicholson. Cuckoo's Nest was a fictional story, but realistically portrayed the corruption inside a mental hospital. They got the story into the hearts and minds of the people.

They ended lobotomy by publicizing it. Let's do the same for court corruption, shall we? If you share my vision, and think your skills will add value, please reach out. I'm Alex Baker, and you can find me at Post Modern Justice Media Project.

-Alexander C. Baker



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