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Ask Alex 011 - Can the Supreme Court Case Tanzin v. Tamvir Help Us?

Here on Planet Family Court, we are all convinced that the Court system is corrupt. But how do we pinpoint the corruption exactly? How do you feel when you know you've been screwed over by the lawyers and the judges, and yet there is a "law" or a "rule" that "authorizes" everything that was done in your case?

This is what I call Level One Corruption, where unconstitutional laws and unfair rules do away with your rights. When that's not enough, Level Two Corruption occurs when the judge must resort to violating the law and breaking the rules. Finally, when even that's not enough, Level Three Corruption occurs when the Judge surreptitiously moves your case out of the Court system completely, and operates under a foreign set of rules.

I'm Alex Baker your legal expert. On today's Ask Alex, more conversations with real people who have been really through it. Let's see if we can figure out where your case went sideways, and possibly what can be done about it.

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Alex Baker
Alex Baker
04 janv. 2021

Testing comment feature.

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