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Ask Alex 019 - Can an ADA Advocate Record a Court Hearing ?

Alex gives a short talk on basic Appellate procedure, and reports on a troubling new case where an appeal case was dismissed for no good reason. The conversation shifted to ADA advocacy for litigants suffering from PTSD, and how an ADA advocate can legally record court proceedings. Ray showed up from the hospital, with her newborn baby.


Thank you Alex! I'm grateful for your desire to share with us, and w/ helping us all. Navigating this difficult confusing matrix of our court system, while losing so much, is massively hard, and very overwhelming. To emotionally, financially devastate our situations further is an under-statement of the damage that has only been escalated by these court systems. It is mind fracturing, and soul crushing..

Thank you for your time and efforts with all of this. It's super helpful!!


Feb 15, 2021

Thanks for sharing your story with us tonight. I left this original podcast early and came back to hear the ending. So glad I did!

You always share a wealth of ideas, thank you!

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