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Ask Alex 030 - Jail Time for Posting a Petition? It's Orwellian and Kafkaesque.

Dreama drops by with a horrific tale where a judge sentenced her to 3 days in jail just because she made an online petition asking for a second chance at a custody hearing. Afterwards, the Judge issued a Protective Order simply because she showed up to a children's choir performance, and added a gag order. It's not legal, but it is...

* * *

Orwellian. Kafkaesque. These words stand for a dystopian reality in which authorities have rigged the legal system with a facade of arbitrary rules that pretend to offer a justice system, when really, it is just a small group of totalitarian rulers doing what they always do, controlling, dominating and robbing everybody else.

Hello world, I am Alex Baker, your legal expert and resident anarchist. Still trapped in this Orwellian, Kafkaesque hell called Planet Family Court. Welcome to Ask Alex number thirty.