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Ask Alex 029 - What Do Bill Gates, Michael Jackson, Rudi Giuliani, and OJ Simpson Have in Common?

What do Bill Gates, Michael Jackson, Rudi Giuliani, Archibishop Weakland and OJ Simpson all have in common? Hello World, I'm Alex Baker, your legal expert. Still alive, kicking and screaming, trying to fight my way off of planet family court. Welcome to Ask Alex number twenty nine.

I've been trying to take the deposition of my ex wife and ex business partner Clair Marlo for over five years now. Her attorneys coincidentally scheduled the D V R O hearing on the same day as her deposition, so she was "unavailable." That was back in 2016, and she has been "unavailable" ever since.

I have recently served a new Notice of Deposition, setting a new date, and indicating that I will record the video for use as evidence at trial in the civil fraud case. The code of civil procedure authorizes video recording, and it is very common. Having a jury be able to observe the facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice can be far more persuasive than just reading back words off the transcript.

Marlo's attorneys have moved for a protective order disallowing the video recording, claiming that if the video were to be published, that it would subject Marlo to embarrassment. I have little doubt that Marlo's deposition would very embarrassing to her, but that would not be the purpose of publishing the deposition. The purpose is to discuss matters in the public interest, as all court cases are in the public interest, by definition.

My case against Marlo is especially important because it raises so many issues of corruption, not only in the music business, but in the court system itself. Besides, they videotaped my deposition. I'm fighting this protective order, because as far as I am concerned, they are covering up crimes and letting my ex and her attorneys get away with forgery and fraud and a lot of money and property.

The hearing on Protective Order is May 24, 2021 at 8:30 AM Pacific Time. I will update the Court Listen page at

So what do Bill Gates, Michael Jackson, Rudi Giuliani, Archibishop Weakland and OJ Simpson all have in common? They, along with thousands of other people, have had their video depositions published. So the idea that I'm trying to do something improper here is just false.

Court proceedings are supposed to be public. I join with my new friend Megan Fox, podcaster and reporter for PJ Media, in calling for cameras in the courtrooms. All courtrooms. And all depositions. All the time. There is an old saying that the flack is heaviest when you are over the target. We are certainly getting flack on this one.


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