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Ask Alex 025 - Family Court Hell! Just What Exactly is the Problem?

Rosemary shows up and reports a Judge Phenas in Cook County Illinois who accosted and threatened her in the parking lot. That's "Phenas" with a "P". Some jokes write themselves.


Family Court Hell. What exactly is the problem?

Hello World, I'm Alex Baker, your legal expert, still trapped on Planet Family Court, heading into year number eight, and I have questions.

Why? Why is it that people get trapped for years in this system, only to come out the other side ruined financially and emotionally? Is it always that way? Does anyone ever win in Family Court? If so, what is the cost of winning, and even if you could pay the price, would it be worth it?

Is the Family Court system biased against men? I used to think so, like some of my men's rights friends, but I sure don't think that anymore. Is the system biased against women? A lot of advocates for women's rights tell me so, but don't I think that either. Everyone seems to agree there is a huge problem, but there are different, and sometimes opposite opinions on just what needs to be done.

Take Parental Alienation. Some say Parental Alienation is child abuse, and the problem is that the courts ignore it and take kids away from healthy loving parents, and give the kid to the abuser. Others say Parental Alienation doesn't even exist, that it is just an excuse for the real abuser to make false allegations, and so the court ends up giving the kids to the abuser. Should children always be believed?

Is the problem even with the system, or is it with the people? It it just that men and women see the world differently, like Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus? The vision of Post Modern Justice Media Project has to do with proceeding in the court of law, AND the Court of Pubic Opinion. There is getting to be a great number of podcasts dedicated to this problem, but just what messages should we be promoting into public consciousness?


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