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Ask Alex 016 - Judge Orders us to Lie to the Kid, + Mark Got a Judge Removed !

A short piece about Truth vs. Lies, then Ted is back with more on the shocking trans teen case (How about an injunction?), Michelle on the Judge who ordered them to lie to the kid, Mark on how he got a Santa Cruz Judge removed, and an inspiring conversation with autistic and hearing-impaired Casey, whose baby got taken away for no reason.

The Truth vs. The Lie

The Truth versus the Lie. That's what it all boils down to. That is, if you are like me and believe in that sort of thing.

By Alex Baker, your legal expert. Live and still held hostage on planet Family Court.

According to the mainstream news, we're living in a world of all against all. Whites against blacks. Men against women. Republicans against Democrats. Conservatives against Progressives against Libertarians against Socialists. Rich against poor. Atheists against Christians against Muslims against Jews. Straights against Lesbians against Gays against Bisexual against Queers against Trans against Non binary.

Now, you are said to be a threat to every other person by harboring a deadly disease. You are masked off, distanced and isolated.

But where is the truth? To me, most if not all of politics appears to be scripted, and designed to generate conflict. But to be a member in good standing with Post Modern Justice Media Project, it is not necessary for you to agree with me on any political issue. We welcome all points of view. If you want my partnership, the only requirement is your commitment to the truth, and to non violence.

Where is the truth? WHAT is the truth? Truth certainly is not to be found very often in today's corrupt court system. Folks, in case you hadn't heard, two entire generations of college students have now been indoctrinated with postmodernism, which is the idea that there is no such thing as truth. As far as I can tell, the Court system led the way.

For a long time, perjury is not only allowed, it is rewarded.

Its not about right and wrong, its all about weak and strong.

And it all goes to maximize the conflict, so as to maximize human destruction and wealth extraction. Which, of course, is the goal. As you go through the Court process, realize that it is a process.

You are being processed.

They are using well known mind control and brainwashing tactics on you. None of us comes through completely uninjured. When the system you believed in, that you came to for justice, lies to you, takes your money, takes your children, takes your house, and gaslights you by saying its somehow your fault, that will make you crazy.

Call it mind control. Call it P T S D. Call it what you want, we must be strong to keep from falling completely apart, as, tragically, many have. For the survivors, its common enough to become what you hate. To become the liar, the fraud, the abuser that you were once falsely accused of being.

Case in point, I am very sad and troubled to report this week that Post Modern Justice Media Project has been lied to, betrayed, and defrauded out of a considerable sum of money by one of our own. Somebody in the movement, who has been screwed over in court, and in the past has done considerable good work on our side.

I won't name names or go into detail right now. I bring it up only to underscore the importance of the truth. If they can turn us against each other, we don't stand a chance. So...

Stand strong for the truth.

-Alexander C. Baker, J.D.

January 24, 2021


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