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Ask Alex 026 - Family Court Victim, Ready to Come Out of the Closet?

Mark Fidelman and Michael Alexander ("Divorce Matters" podcast) are special guests.


Family Court Victim. Are you ready to come out of the closet? The court system is completely corrupt, we know this. Nobody who has been through it will even debate that any more. The question is how to cross the bridge, and get this issue into the mind space of the public.

Hello world, I'm Alex Baker, your legal expert. Still trying to publicize corruption here from Planet Family Court.

We all know what happened to us. We came into to court with a dispute, thinking we were going to truth and justice. We got something called justice all right. We got it good and hard. Family? Fractured. Money? Missing. Lawyers? Laughing. We know the system is not broken, it's working just fine to destroy families, take all the money, and cause P T S D.

Railroading, Stonewalling, and Gaslighting.

But why should Starbucks Mom give a rats asterisk about some whining group of life's losers? Because that's how they see us. Now, they should care, because nothing less than our entire society is hanging in the balance. Folks, if we let them sacrifice our family, our fortune and our future, then we have no justice system, and we have no society. It's just thugs running wild.

Call it Narcissist Nation.

And, Every single one of us has had the experience of trying to explain to our friends, the ones lucky enough to stay out of court, just how evil and diabolical this system is. But they don't get it, because they haven't lived it, but also because it is complicated and hard to explain. And when we try to explain, they say things like:

Sorry, that couldn't happen.

They might mean well, but on some level, they blame you, don't they? Just like that lawyer blamed you. Like that judge blamed you. Well, we can forgive our unknowing friends, unless they are directly profiting from the family destruction industry.

We have all been brainwashed and browbeaten into blindness. But it's 2021 already, Easter Sunday. Happy Easter everyone. We're not hunting for Easter Eggs, we're hunting for justice and accountability. Our job now is to open some eyes, flip on the lights, and watch the cockroaches scatter.

Joining us today on Ask Alex is a very special guest Mark Fidelman. Mark has a background in public relations, and is now the co-host, along with Michael Alexander, of the popular podcast Divorce Matters. They give unfiltered, unadulterated guidance for how to survive family courts, and no nonsense, straight forward strategies for beating what they call a Rigged System. I just watched Mr. Alexander's video called I arrested the District Attorney. The very embodiment of the radical pro se. You gotta love that. Mark Fidelman, welcome to Ask Alex, how's it going?


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