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Ask Alex 022 - Go Public? It's Working! + Judge Bloom in W.V. is Evil

Lisa zooms in with a story about corruption in a West Virginia case, Dreema amazingly predicts that the judge is Judge Bloom.

It's working! Or at least, our strategy of fighting in the Court of Public Opinion and the Court of Law, is starting to work. We have evidence. Hello World, I'm Alex Baker, your legal expert, still enslaved on Planet Family Court, but I see at least a glimmer of light shining through a crack in the wall. Welcome to another Ask Alex, where we are questioning postmodern justice. This is episode twenty two.

I'm happy to get to your questions and comments. But first, last Monday March 1 2021 I did my long awaited oral argument in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, trying to overturn the thoroughly corrupt Judgment after a Court trial in federal court. If you want to learn what that case was about, and how it relates to my civil fraud case and my family law case, go to P M J M P dot org and search for Writer Attribution, the video and blog article will come up. We are still waiting for the ruling by the Ninth Circuit, but if the arguments that went down are any indication, and they usually are, then this is going to be overturned. There is no doubt that these Ninth Circuit Judges read my briefing, understood the arguments and the severe problems with the case in the District Court.

That is way more than I can say about anything that has happened in Family Court, or the appeals from the Family Court. What's the difference? This proceeding was video recorded and published on YouTube. Whatever they decide, they are not going to sweep it under the rug. That's what I want to believe anyway. The week before that, we had about forty people listening in on my very corrupt restraining order hearing. Now, they granted the permanent order, saying that my filing law papers is domestic violence. But the clerks made mention of the fact that so many people were listening, and even seem to admit screwing up the audio on purpose. And, they know that, unlike the federal court, they don't record Family Law.

As I mentioned last week, we succeeded in saving Ray's newborn baby from being snatched by D C F S right in the hospital. How? By threatening to sue but also by taking names and threatening to go public. For another example, I believe we have successfully defeated Los Angeles Superior Court policy to exclude the public. For a while, back in 2020, the public were not allowed inside the courthouse, and even journalists had to display Press Credentials. We stood up to that, resisted arrest, and basically told the Sheriff that the First Amendment is all the credential we need, and to stick it where the sun don't shine.

However, I realize that many people are not as bold, or you could say, as foolish as I am. After all, I've been blacklisted, not only from court by being put on the vexatious litigant list, and the CLETS database for being a domestic violence abuser, but also from my entire former career as a music writer and producer. This, because I had the audacity to sue a record company over forged music contracts.

I have a friend who has had some success in the entertainment field, and I have recently urging him to come out of the closet, and go public with his Family Law case. His wife is a very successful medical doctor and entrepreneur, making over $1 million per year. He gave up a good part of his career to stay home with their only child. And you already guess the rest of the story.

Wife hires high powered, well-connected divorce attorney who knows the judge. BAM! Nonsense restraining order. BAM! Vexatious litigant order. BAM! Court judgement that the kid goes 100% to the ex wife, who also gets all of the money and all of the property. My friend is still working in entertainment, and is not willing to go public. And I get it. Who wants to end up like me, cancelled? So there is plenty to think about in deciding to go public. But as of this week, I think there is more evidence that it is working.


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