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Ask Alex 020 - Baby Dramatically Saved from DCFS in 21st Century Underground Railroad Operation!

Alex opens by "letting the cat out of the bag", explaining he has been an anarchist for over 20 years. He then recaps legal events from the prior week in court corruption, including the dramatic rescue of newborn "Baby J" from the hospital, as hospital officials were threatening to disallow Ray and her baby from leaving. Alex and investigator Mark Andrews showed up at 10 PM on Sunday February 14, 2021, explaining that they were either going to release the baby, or else there was going to be a Civil Rights lawsuit. It worked.

Several guests had been listening in on Alex's corrupt DVRO hearing of Feb. 16, 2021, and a discussion ensued about the various ways Judge Michael Powell violated rights and was absurd.

Chris F was on board to discuss his ideas for helping us expose corruption, and survive Family Court. Anne chimed in with her tale of corruption by a Marriage and Family Therapist who she is now trying to sue.


Today I'm letting the cat out of the bag. I am an anarchist, and I have been for over 20 years. Hello world. I'm Alex Baker, your legal expert. Taking full responsibility for my part in being tortured and humiliated on Planet Family Court. And Planet Civil Court. And Planet Federal Court.

Wait, Alex, what? You're an anarchist? You mean you want violence and chaos and throwing molotov cocktails? No, no, no. Anarchy simply means no rulers. No overlords. Nobody with the legal authority inflict violence upon you. True to form, your overlords have long ago redefined the word anarchy to mean violence and chaos, so a better choice nowadays is Voluntaryism. Voluntaryism means that all human interaction should be voluntary. Nothing should be coerced. Lovemaking is good, Rape is bad. Accepting money from a voluntary purchase or donation is good, taking money at the point of a gun is bad. Here's the part that bothers a lot of people, this principle applies even if you have a badge, or a costume, or even if people voted for you. Initiating force is always wrong. I bring this up today because several events in my life this week just serve to reinforce my views that there is no such thing as good government, there is no justice system, and there is no law.

Last week you might remember that Ray Zoomed in from the hospital and showed us her newborn baby. Well, that very night the doctors and D C F S threatened to kidnap the infant. That's right. Ray wanted to leave the hospital with her baby. They said Ray was free to go, but not Baby J. This was because Ray tested positive for Marijuana very early on in her pregnancy when she didn't even know she was pregnant. Marijuana is detectable for months after a single use, and is perfectly legal in California. And Ray tested clean the whole rest of the way after that. Still, the government wants to accuse Ray of child abuse on her newborn baby. Marika got wind of this, called me up at 10 o'clock at night on a Sunday. Me and my investigator friend Mark went into action, we drove down to Doctors Hospital in East L A, and I started informing the nurses and doctors of who I was, and that if they didn't release the baby that night, there was going to be a civil rights lawsuit. It worked, just a few minutes before midnight last Sunday, they released Ray and Baby J. But a couple days later, I got a call from a County counsel in Los Angeles, so they are still coming after this baby. As well all know, there is a big price tag on the baby's head, through Title 4 D federal funding. I've never heard of any democrats or republicans or any politicians ever promising to do anything about this, or any of the corruption that we're on about.

I mentioned my friend Mark Andrews. He was in town so that we could take our meeting with Congressman DeSaulnier. We did that last Wednesday, we made a strong presentation about corruption and Title 4 D. To his credit, he did leave the door open and invited us to submit a report to him. Maybe we will, but I'll be honest. I don't hold out any hope that DeSaulnier or any other politician is going to fix the system, because as far as they are concerned, it isn't broken. In my view, the entire government is a system of domination and enslavement. But I only say that to get it off my chest, and maybe open a window into my mind. I admit its a tiny bit ironic that I earned a Juris Doctorate and hold myself out as an expert in a legal system that I don't believe in. This of course is while they will never let me be an attorney. I was on the radar and they saw me coming from 100 miles away.

Also this week there was corruption in the Los Angeles federal civil rights case I've mentioned. The one where they took the biological child away from the legally married parents on an unnoticed hearing 5 days after the father was official cleared of the one vague allegation against him. We entered a Request for Default, and twice the clerk falsely said the process server used the wrong proof of service form. It's just false. This was served by U S A Express, a major process serving company, who know what they are doing. It's not on the wrong form, it's on the exact form that is in the Summons issued by the court itself. They're just lying. Are politicians going to fix this, or did politicians invent this?

And then, there was my splendid case last Tuesday. As expected, they made the domestic violence restraining order against me permanent and forever, based on my ex wife's claim that she has a reasonable fear of abuse in the future. What abuse? She tried to claim that when my attorney Marc Angelucci sent process servers to her door with Contempt papers, that this was domestic violence. I had the police officer on the line to testify, and the police report that says that even my ex wife's own attorney said that this did not violate the restraining order. But, Judge Powell did not let the officer testify, did not admit the evidence, did not allow me to ask any questions of my ex wife at all, or admit anything into evidence. Judge Powell stated that my First Amendment arguments were irrelevant, because even protected speech can upset my ex wife's peace of mind, and therefore constitute domestic violence. In my case they have completely contradicted all Supreme Court law on this subject, of which there is a ton. The constitution says that when federal law conflicts with state law, that federal law overrules. That's called the Supremacy Clause. But not in my case. The Appeal Court swept this under the rug before. I could appeal this decision, but why wouldn't the Appeal Court just sweep it under the rug again?

Anyway, I am here still here to help you. I still pour all of my abilities in to every case I work on. You still need strong arguments for whatever your legal situation is. And I still believe that the solution, if there is to be one, must involve publicizing the truth, and I do mean THE truth about what goes on in this postmodern justice system.

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