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Ask Alex 024 - Transgender Tyranny: Jailed For Saying "She"

Link to fundraiser for Rob Hoogland

Go to jail simply because you referred to your own daughter using the pronoun "she"? Wait, what? That can't be true, can it? I'm afraid it is. The dystopian postmodernist world feared by Jordan Peterson a mere four years ago has now come to be. Hello world, I'm Alex Baker, your legal expert. Welcome to another Ask Alex, this is episode twenty four. I'm still trapped here on planet family court, and so is Rob Hoogland of Vancouver. Mr. Hoogland's particular version of family law hell began when he discovered that his fourteen year old daughter had decided she was transgender.

This after what can only be described as a government sponsored transgender brainwashing campaign, through the school curriculum, including a school counselor encouraging this child to change her name and start living as a boy. According to Hoogland, they’re taking kids during school time out to get hormone shots. Parents don’t know what’s going on until it’s too late. In some cases, they’re not even informing parents that their child is being transitioned anymore. OK? So, In the middle of divorce, dad learns that his daughter has been referred to a sex-change clinic, and they are seeking his consent for her to begin hormone therapy.

Hoogland refused to sign the consent form, which, folks, you have to see this to believe it. These hormones block puberty, they make you sterile. They certainly are NOT going to change a girl into a boy, that's impossible. But they WILL make a girl start growing a beard, and will destroy her reproductive system. So Rob Hoogland refuses to consent for his 14 year old daughter to do this to herself, thinking, I don't know, maybe she at least might want to wait til she's eighteen and make an informed decision as a consenting adult. But no, that's not how it goes in our system of postmodern justice.

Because dad doesn't agree with transgendering a 14 year old, he is the bad guy, he doesn't get it, he's a threat. A threat to what? If you ask me, it is a threat to an absolutely evil social engineering agenda. And by evil, I mean criminal. Under the Nuremberg Convention, it is a crime to perform medical experiments on people without informed consent. People under eighteen cannot possibly consent to anything.

A minor cannot even legally consent to drinking alcohol or having sex. Now we are going to allow them to mutilate their bodies so that they can't have children? Really? Until yesterday we understood that teenagers can be confused in a lot of ways. Teenagers make all sorts of poor choices. But now, because Rob Hoogland simply tries to be the voice of reason, and objects to transgendering his kid, not only does he lose all custody and parental rights, but the Judge, Judge Michael Tammen, imposed a gag order stating that Rob must not speak of the case in public at all, and even in private must refer to his daughter as HE, and must use the boy's name she made up for herself. Hoogland is not backing down. He has given several interviews, and, shocker, he referred to his own daughter as, wait for it, SHE.

So, Judge Tammen found Rob Hoogland in contempt, and ordered him incarcerated. Last Tuesday, March 16, 2021, Hoogland surrendered and went to jail. I haven't gotten an update, maybe he's gotten out by now, I don't know. But the mere fact that this is going on is terrifying. Where did we get the idea that a Judge has this power? And if you think this case is unique, well, think again. We are joined today by Ted Hudacko, a California man, a software engineer, and a musician, father of two, who is going through a similar situation with his son. Ted, welcome back on the show, give us a recap of about where you were in your divorce, and how you came to find out that transgender was an issue in your case.


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