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Ask Alex 023 - Court Corruption, Jailed for Opposing Teen Transgender, Sagi Shwartzberg Busted, More

Patty talks about a case where they give the kid back to the known abuser, it reminds Alex of the Dr. Susan case and recently busted attorney Sagi Shawartzberg. Chris asks about a Default proceeding in Florida Family Court. Cashanda shows up from her hospital with a new baby, worried about DCFS. Ted is back with more on being erased for opposing teen transgender.


Will I ever get my day in court? Of course not. They can't allow that, I know too much, and I have far too much evidence of corruption. My Family Law trial has been postponed yet again, under very dubious circumstances. Hello world, I'm Alex Baker, your legal expert, in a legal system that doesn't exist. Welcome to another episode of Ask Alex, where we are questioning postmodern justice.

My illegal and completely corrupt Family Law Trial was set to go forward tomorrow, starting March 15, 2021. A week ago we discovered that remote appearances through L A Court Connect were unavailable, because the entire long cause trial had suddenly been moved from the Stanley Mosk courthouse in downtown L A to Department E in Santa Monica. This transfer of venue occurred the day after about 40 people showed up to do court listen on my corrupt D V Restraining Order. You know, the one where they find that my filing court papers and this very podcast constitutes domestic violence.

And by the way, my friend and attorney Michael Molinaro informed me the infamous language from the Nadkarni domestic violence case, where disturbing the peace means any conduct that destroys the mental or emotional calm, that meaningless language has now been written into the D V P A statute.

Anyway, last week when I, and my expert witness, and my A D A advocate tried to sign up for remote appearance at trial, we discovered that remote appearances were not available for my case. At all. A support ticket was opened up, and for several days nobody knew what the problem was. But eventually they decided that Department E in Santa Monica was not eligible for Remote Appearances.

OK? 1 day after forty people showed up to listen in on my case, they transfer the trial to a department that has no remote appearances. In Los Angeles, they transfer the long trial matters TO downtown L A. I have never once heard of a long cause trial being suddenly transferred out of downtown.

Anyway, on Friday I brought an ex parte motion to stay the case, because the judge had already granted my request to appear by video, and same for my A D A advocate. On Friday afternoon, the judge granted my ex parte, and trial is postponed. No sooner had that happened, when L A Court Connect called me up and said that the problem was miraculously fixed, and Remote Appearances are available in Department E in Santa Monica after all. It's funny if you have a dark enough sense of humor. I'll coin a new phrase, you heard it hear first ladies and gentlemen, my case is:

hilariously evil.

Whenever we do finally get to trial, if we ever do, then before we actually start trial I have to defend myself against an Order to Show Cause why I should not be sanctioned for my supposedly abusive litigation. And this is where it could get VERY interesting. Because my defense to the O S C will be to show how all my court filings are in good faith, and are in response to all the times when the corrupt judges let my fraudulent ex wife and her high powered music business mafia attorneys get away with stealing so much money.

Somehow I highly doubt Judge Wayser will let me present my defense to this bogus Order to Show Cause, just like Judge Powell did not let me present my defense to the bogus D V R O three weeks ago. Whether they call it Civil Extortion, Domestic Violence, Vexatious Litigant, or Section 271 Sanctions, everything they have against me is entirely based on forcing me to shut up about fraud and corruption in the music business, and in the court system. I can talk about what I plan to argue in this O S C, or we can talk about whatever is on your mind today. I'm all yours.

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Mar 15, 2021

One thing is for sure we have to keep a sense of humor ☺️😸☺️😸

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