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The battle to save our families must be won in Courts of Law, but also the Court of Public Opinion. The story of this nightmare family court system must be told.

You know all about the lies, the corruption, and the naked brutality that defines our so-called "justice system". You know that court is not about "protecting" the children, it's about sacrificing the children for money. You know that court is not about a fair division of money and property, it's about trapping you in a torture chamber so agonizing you'll surrender your money and property just to escape.

You know, because you've lived it.

You know, but they don't know, because they don't know our story. We believe that when enough eyes see our devastation, when enough ears hear our cries, when enough hearts feel the pain that we live every day, then, and only then, change will happen.

The world needs our story.

That is why we started Post Modern Justice Media Project. It's a resource to share the news, research, information, strategy, and...

We are combining our decades of talent and experience in the entertainment and legal fields to produce a feature film, based entirely on real-life struggles against court corruption.


"She's only fighting for her children, but she just might change the world."

We may have lost the battle, but together we will win the war. Here are ways you can help:

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