What are Civil Rights? 

Civil Rights means that there are certain things that you are allowed to do, and that the government is not allowed to stop you from doing those things. Your rights include the right to speak freely, to obtain justice in court, to be a parent, to have a jury trial, and to not have your property taken for public use without compensation.    

What Can I Do If My Civil Rights Are Violated?

If your rights are violated by a government actor ("under color of law") then you may be able to prevail in a federal civil rights lawsuit under 42 U.S.C. § 1983. If you can afford a competent civil rights attorney, you should retain one. However, most people can't.

What If I Can't Afford An Attorney?

If you so desire but cannot afford an attorney, you may consider filing a civil rights case pro se (representing yourself). PMJMP will make available educational resources created by legal expert Alexander C. Baker, J.D. In particular, we are working hard to create customizable civil rights complaints for you to download and use. Please contact Dr. Baker at alex@pmjmp.org for updates on the availability of pleading templates and other educational materials for pro se litigants.

What is the Family Law Bill of Rights?

The Family Law Bill of Rights is document drafted by PMJMP President Alexander C. Baker, J.D. laying out ways in which the present family, probate and child welfare court systems might be reformed. You can read the current version here, and please note that the mission of PMJMP is education, not advocacy. We do not endorse or oppose any candidate or reform measure.

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