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Remembering Marc Angelucci - 1 Year Later

Gunned down in cold blood July 11, 2020, Marc Angelucci was my lawyer, my supervisor, and my friend. Marc Angelucci was one of the finest Civil Rights lawyers, and one of the finest human beings I have ever known.

I miss you Marc. But as you can see, I'm carrying on the work. -Alex

I met Marc and got to know him through the National Coalition For Men - NCFM. Marc was the Vice President and founder of the Los Angeles chapter of NCFM. I first approached NCFM seeking an amicus brief for my petition to the U.S. Supreme Court. Marc ended up writing an excellent brief on behalf of NCFM, to go along with my petition.

This picture is from an interview I did with Marc in April 2019, talking about the NCFM v. Selective Service case that Marc was handling.

I began serving on the legal action committee for NCFM, and wrote a number of position papers and briefs for them. Later in 2019, the president of NCFM, Harry Crouch asked me if I would be interested in taking over as president after he retired. He said that he had offered the position to Marc, but Marc didn't want it. I already knew that. Marc wanted to spend the rest of his career arguing before Courts of Appeal, and, hopefully one day, before the Supreme Court.

I told Harry Crouch that I was certainly interested in taking over the presidency of NCFM. Marc and I began crafting our vision for the future - opening the NCFM Appellate Project.

Marc and I averaged 38 messages / week. There was a lot to talk about. I was researching and drafting papers for many of Marc's cases, and Marc was also representing me in my parallel Civil Fraud and Family Law cases against my ex-wife / business partner. Marc was one of the few attorneys actually willing to stand up and call out Court Corruption when he saw it. And we saw a lot of it.

On December 12, 2019, Marc sent me a text as he waited for his plane to take off for his Mexico vacation. His text was a poem he had written, and it was all about court corruption. He said I was the only person to have it, and he asked me to keep it confidential. But, he texted, if anything were to happen to him, he wanted me to "tell everybody I wrote it and I meant it".

By July 2020, we were making headway in the corrupt Jerry Cox case, where they legally stole his entire property after a bogus false allegation. He had gotten the appeal court to overturn a corrupt order in the Angelina case. Marc had made his first appearance in the Augustus case, where they took a married couple's child on a secret, unnoticed hearing after the father was cleared of a vague allegation.

Marc was set to testify at a hearing in my case trying to overturn the corrupt dismissal of the entire case on the eve of trial. Marc was also set to prosecute adverse attorney Joe Yanny for Contempt, related to a bunch of money stolen from a trust account. And Marc was preparing for Oral Argument in the appeal of the corrupt dismissal of the Impersonation case. Using the search function on PMJMP, you can learn more about all these things if interested.

Tragically, Marc never got to follow through in any of those matters pending, because at about 4:00 PM on July 11, 2020, somebody posing as a Fed Ex delivery person came to Marc's house up in Crestline and shot him dead.

There is an "official" story out there about Roy Den Hollander, and you can Google that. I don't believe one word of that story. Marc's murder was never investigated. How do I know? Because nobody talked to me, that's why. And nobody knows more about what Marc Angelucci was doing prior to his murder that I do. Period.

On Sunday July 12, 2020, Harry Crouch called me and asked if I was sitting down. Harry gave me the news about Marc being assassinated. That's exactly what Harry called it - an assassination. And I agreed. We both immediately knew that Marc was blown away to stop him from fighting corruption.

Harry even went on the news - Channel 4 NBC in San Diego, on Monday July 13, 2020, and used those 2 words - "corruption" and "assassination". But then the story changed. A couple weeks later, Judge Salas' son was killed, and Den Hollander was suicided. Harry made it known to me that my relationship with NCFM was over. It's perfectly understandable.

Above is a shot outside the Courthouse in San Francisco. L-R Marc, "TP", Andrea Wood, me, Susan Spell and Chris Von Schlobohm, from an appellate matter in California's First District.

This is a shot taken by either me or McCall Jones, the same day in April 2019 as the interview. This is downtown L.A. in front of the Spring Street Courthouse where we also did interview and photo shoot.

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