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Queen Who?

Apparently some old woman calling herself "Queen Elizabeth" died last week. Seriously, I had never even heard of her. That's probably because I hardly ever watch the mainstream news.

The story I was told was that "England" gave up the hereditary monarchy long ago, and replaced it with some other, supposedly better form of government.

So why is there still a "Queen?" Come to find out, a lot of people still believe in "royalty." They have admiration and respect for the people branding themselves with such titles as "king" and "queen" and "prince" and "princess." Why? I don't get it.

What I don't understand is the idea is that - simply because of their noble birth and bloodline - some people automatically are "rulers". They get to issue threats and plunder the wealth of everyone else. Why on earth would anyone put up with this? Can't you understand that it's bullshit?

Obviously, the idea of "royalty" is only that - an idea. Like all forms of government, royalty exists only in your mind. As soon as you stop believing, it disappears. It's like Santa Claus.

You might actually believe that the old bearded guy at the shopping mall wearing a red suit has magical powers to make and deliver gifts to billions of children. But more likely, you just play along, knowing that it's a fictional story for our entertainment and celebration.

Well, when it comes to royalty - in all its forms including "democracy" - it's time to grow the fuck up. Stop with the magical thinking already. There is no "Santa Claus" and there is no "queen" and there is no "government." These are mythical, superhuman characters that were made up by writers, working for tyrants.

Tyrants are real. Tyrants are real people who rob and kill for a living, and who tell fictional stories so that you believe that it's OK. It's not OK. All you have to do to make tyranny go away is just stop believing.

Queen who?


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