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Pretty Much Everything We're Told Is False

This is just one example of so many. A poster on Quora asked:

What is weird about Paul McCartney?

What’s weird about Paul McCartney is that the shape of his skull changed dramatically sometime after September 1966 (airport press conferences) and before June 1967 (the “LSD” interview). Here are two photos alleged to be of Paul.

I have adjusted the sizes so that the distance between the center of the eyes is equal. I added other lines as references. Is there any person on earth who (a) has artistic talent in drawing likenesses, and (b) believes that these two photos depict the same one person? I have yet to find such a person.

What does this have to do with court corruption?

Nothing. And everything. Just think about it.

Update: I’ve investigated the “lens-length” hypothesis a bit, and tend to reject it. Wide angle lenses produce a “barrel distortion”, in which the edges pull in toward the center, while centered material appears to bulge out. True, it can make the head appear narrower. But at the same time, it makes the nose appear to bulge out. We do not observe that on the post-1967 photos.

Nor is this a particularly satisfying explanation for why all of the photos up through 1966 would use a longer lens, then afterwards a wide-angle lens. Furthermore, the lens distortion would work quite differently on profile pictures.

Suppose lens length was used to explain these two photos:

If the picture on the left was such a wide-angle lens that it narrowed the skull to that extent, then the ear would be bulging noticeably. However, it isn’t. Those are quite obviously two different human beings.

Are you aware that professional forensic investigators compared hi res photos of pre and post Paul, intending to debunk the Paul is Dead story, but concluded the opposite? Update: Here are some stills taken from (L) August 28, 1966 press conference and (R) June 15, 1967 “LSD” Interview.

Is this the same person?

Notice that the camera is looking down on the June 1967 Paul, which would foreshorten his skull. And yet… Also notice the twist of the hair (which does not change throughout life).

And here is a gif made from the above. The head is more-or-less at the same angle, and the eye spacing has been equalized. Is it the same skull?

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19 de dez. de 2021

Yeah, I get it.

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