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Most Corrupt Family Law Case in California History - Gets Worse!

I filed a Notice of Appeal from the Judgment in my Family Law trial, the single most corrupt Family Law case in California. This claim is based on the sheer number of - and obviousness of - illegal and unprecedented orders allowing my ex wife (and the multi-billion-dollar multinational corporation bankrolling her) to get away with stealing over $1 million in real estate and intellectual property, while covering up the forged music contracts, secret secret bank accounts and fraudulent conveyances with bullshit restraining orders, sanctions, and a "vexatious litigant" pre-filing order provably based on lies and nonsense.

Now, a Clerk (not a Judge) from the Court of Appeal STAYED my appeal, and ordered me to respond to a Notice to Vexatious Litigant, in which I must explain why my appeal is "has merit and has not been taken for the purpose of harassment or delay." Otherwise, my appeal will be dismissed.

Since March of 2020, clerks seem to have much more power than they ever did before, but I digress. Below is the Response to Notice Re Vex I just filed, on my knees begging my rulers to please allow my case to be heard. It had to be no more than 3 pages, and I used it all. Believe me, I had material to go on for 100 pages, the way my Closing Argument Brief and Closing Declaration had to.

Each of these 26 Questions is identifies a "legal error" (actually it is on purpose) that should be reversed on appeal, and there are easily 26 more. Other than bribery and threats, can you offer any explanation how these Judges screwed me over so brutally?


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