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L.A. Judge Michael Powell Let Attorney Joe Yanny Steal $82,722. Why?

This post was in response to a Quora poster who asked:

What happened in a courtroom that gave the judge a belly laugh you will never forget?

On September 27, 2017, in Los Angeles Superior Court case LD068701, Baker v Baker, the

Respondent Clara Baker (aka “Clair Marlo”) and her attorney Jacqueline Blade were

Ordered by Court Commissioner Alicia Blanco to sell a disputed property on the condition

that the proceeds from the sale would be put in trust and that those funds “will not be

touched” until further order of the court. Standard stuff in a divorce proceeding.

Respondent then hired a new attorney, Joseph A. “Joe” Yanny, Cal. State Bar No. 97979,

who has strong ties to the organized crime syndicate known as the Mongols Nation. The

case was assigned to a new judge, Hon. Michael Powell in Dept. 22 of the Stanley Mosk

courthouse in downtown L.A.

In a series of transactions, attorney Joe Yanny transferred a total of $82,722 from the trust

account to his client. I discovered these transfers later, after receiving documents from the

bank in a subpoena response.

As Petitioner in the case, I retained noted civil rights and family law attorney Marc Angelucci

to prosecute Joe Yanny and Clair Marlo for Contempt of Court. Full disclosure - Marc

Angelucci was also my friend, and also my boss as a paralegal in several other cases.

Mr. Angelucci told me that this Contempt was a “slam dunk”, because we had the bank

records showing the transfers. The matter was set for hearing on July 20, 2020.

Unfortunately, on July 11, 2020 Marc Angelucci was gunned down, murdered in cold blood

in front of his house in Crestline. For a number of reasons, I am deeply skeptical of the

“official story” that eventually emerged regarding who did that. I can say that I know more,

and was more involved than anyone else regarding what Marc Angelucci was doing in court

in the last 1 1/2 years of his life.

Still in shock, my Contempt hearing went forward on July 20, 2020 in front of Judge Powell.

Judge Powell found that the court order stating that “those funds will not be touched” was

too “vague” to enforce. OK? I asked Judge Powell, "what part of 'will not be touched' is unclear?"

Now, when he wants to shout you down, Judge Powell has this habit of grabbing the microphone and putting his mouth right up to it, so his already annoying voice goes into a bone-crushing distortion.

When I attempted to introduce the bank statements into evidence, Judge Powell grabbed the mic and yelled he was going “off the record”, disallowed me from introducing them, and stated that I was being “rude”, simply because I was trying to introduce evidence. You know, the evidence that would prove the case! Like, the stuff that my now dead lawyer and friend Marc had said made this hearing a "slam dunk."

Later, at another hearing, seeking to discredit me, Judge Powell stated that the Contempt was dismissed because there was “no evidence”. No kidding. There is always "no evidence" if the Judge goes off the record and won't admit it.

Judge Michael R. Powell pretended that an order stating that money “will not be touched”

was vague, and he pretended that no evidence existed for the transfers. He let attorney Joe

Yanny and his client Clara Baker, aka Clair Marlo, get away with 82 grand. It never would

have happened with Marc Angelucci on the case, in my opinion. In my opinion, this is one of several examples of the kind of corruption Marc and I were fighting, and the reason he had to be taken out.

Judge Powell got a huge belly laugh out of that one!

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Of course, Angelucci was murdered and it had to do with the case. The Los Angeles Superior Court and Black Robe Gang are the most cowardly POS in the state. They make the Mongols seem like choir boys. What is interesting are the like Crips & Bloods, and other groups there are different sets in Los Angeles Superior Court and I wonder what happens when they "accidentally" bump into each other? If it was only the judges and not the FBI and DOJ who help them.

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