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Judges and D.A. Let Clair Marlo Get Away With Forgery. Why?

Songwriter, music producer and entrepreneur Clair Marlo (married name Clara Veseliza Baker) forged the signature of her then co-writer / producer / business partner Alex Baker on multiple music contracts, this according to noted handwriting expert Beth Chrisman.

Marlo now seeks to put Baker in jail for domestic violence, alleging that reports such as this one "disturb her peace of mind".

The evidence of forgery has been properly brought to the police, and in several hearings in civil court cases. Judges Emily T. Spear and Virginia A. Phillips have disallowed the expert testimony. Meanwhile, Court Commissioner (now judge) Alicia Y. Blanco issued a DVRO ordering Baker not to publicize documents obtained in discovery. In Alex Baker's opinion, there is a coverup taking place. In that Marlo claims to be $1.5 million in debt to her high-priced attorneys, and the court cases are worth (at most) $500,000, which Baker does not even have because his net worth is $0, Baker believes that Marlo's legal team is being funded by the giant record company.


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