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Freedom Enough 038 - Monty Python - Hilarious Prophets of this Orwellian Nightmare

Today: Laughing at the Torture

Date: Sunday, October 1, 2023

Time: 2 PM East / 11 AM Pacific

Where else: (video, archives here)

Why: Because you want to escape the cage and live free from government.

If you want to be a guest, contact me. I am interested in people who have been through legal hell.

If you want to share a 1 minute video of you explaining your legal nightmare, you may upload it here.

Change my mind...

I am also keenly interested in talking with anyone who challenges my conclusion that the Court system is a criminal extortion racket, or that the only solution is Voluntaryism. (What is Voluntaryism?)


that episode came again today on the 24th december 2023 and still Monthy Python is timelss hilarious and ahead of their time, thanks for this episode!


ursa north star
ursa north star
Oct 21, 2023


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