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Freedom Enough 020 - "Free Speech" and the Censorship Charade

Today: Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson, Jared Taylor

Date: Sunday, May 30, 2023

Time: 2 PM East / 11 AM Pacific

Where else: (video, archives here)

Why: Because you want to escape the cage and live free from government.

If you want to be a guest, contact me. I am interested in people who have been through legal hell.

If you want to share a 1 minute video of you explaining your legal nightmare, you may upload it here.

Change my mind...

I am also keenly interested in talking with anyone who challenges my conclusion that the Court system is a criminal extortion racket, or that the only solution is Voluntaryism. (What is Voluntaryism?)

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the selective service was established as an emergency measure prompted by woodrow wilson to raise troops for the overseas war effort in 1917, when our sons were first deprived of their most basic human freedom. it has never been permanently removed from the books, depriving every american male of a basic human right as a spiritual being with the freedom and the sacred obligation to choose. and yet, even at the age of eighteen, we are not yet capable of making such an important decision since our ego or i self does not germinate until the age of 21, at the earliest. according to rudolf steiner, the greatest spiritual initiate of the age, a fully developed sense of one’s self…

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If you do not feed your own military, you will feed the enemy's. Proven in history time and again. Also, if you cannot defend what others are trying to take away from you, it's not yours. Also, the military reflects the nation. If there is no real nation, just common currency and fast food, there is no real military. Finally, unless you are willing to engage outside your home protecting your interests, you are irrelevant. When you are irrelevant, your currency cannot be the world's reserve currency and nobody cares about what you think. This is the price of isolationism. Is America ready to pay it, to become less relevant than Russia?

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