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Freedom Enough

New Sunday Radio Show and Podcast with Legal Expert and Voluntaryist Alexander Baker

I am pleased to announce my new Sunday call-in talk show. From the Supreme Court down to Family Court, you have no rights and there is no law. Let's talk about how we were screwed over in court, and what we need to do about this whole situation.

Who: Alexander C. Baker, J.D. - your legal expert.

What: Freedom Enough (What does the title mean?)

When: Sundays 2 PM East / 11 AM Pacific

Where else: Facebook (video, archives here)

Why: Because you want to escape the cage and live free from government.

If you want to be a guest, contact me. I am interested in people who have been through legal hell.

If you want to share a 1 minute video of you explaining your legal nightmare, you may upload it here.

I am also keenly interested in debating anyone who challenges my conclusion that the Court system is a criminal extortion racket, or that the only solution is Voluntaryism. (What is Voluntaryism?)


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