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As Predicted, Vax Are Coded for "Placebo", "mRNA", and "Death Shot"

Since before the experimental "Vaccines" were released, I predicted that there would be placebos mixed in. No experiment is valid without a control group. And none of the ruling class wish to risk their own lives, nor to the rulers wish to make totalitarianism obvious by killing people by the hundreds of millions. They are way to smart for that.

Evidently the top nurse at a major European hospital has quit and given a press conference, announcing that vials of the Vax are coded with an end-number - 1, 2 or 3. "1" means saline placebo, 2 is regular mRNA, and 3 means the injection contains ONC gene, linked to cancer.

Here's the story. Doubtless the smear campaign will be on.

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No surprise here. I knew it could not be good!!

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