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Weingart Let Clair Marlo Take $225,000 Cash

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Reasons why this judge should be removed

Yep, Judge Weingart dismissed a Contempt action where the ex wife re-financed a disputed property for $225,000 cash, admitted under oath that she did it, admitted under oath that she knew she was violating the Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders. The sworn declaration admitting all this was received into evidence. And yet, Weingart dismissed the Contempt, finding that he didn't know which order was violated. The ATROS are standard in every case, and the moving papers clearly stated that it was the ATROS

Personality of this judge

Judge Weingart stutters, and hems and haws and has great difficulty finishing a sentence. It's quite annoying. Unlike most Family Law Judges, Weingart begins the Court day by marching into the the Court Room, standing at attention facing the flag, while the Bailiff announces his holy presences.

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Weingart is a jerk

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Gregory J. Weingart


January 2019



Case No.:



Los Angeles Superior Court


111 N. Hill St., Los Angeles, CA, 90012

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Gregory J. Weingart

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