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Yanny and DiNardo flush transcripts down the memory hole

They are trying to anyway. I'm bang over the target in needing these trial transcripts. We definitely need court watchers in Santa Monica Dept. E on March 21, 2022. I'm doing a closing argument, and it should be one for the ages - guaranteed.

UPDATE: They can't get their story straight. Joe Yanny emailed and claimed he never got an invoice from Court Reporter Brigitte Cusimano. Yet Cusimano prepared and sent 1 transcript already! See new emails below. And shout out to Bob for the nice meme graphic on Wayser.

After 7 years of illegal conduct by the home court judges, there has now been so much illegal judicial conduct by the Trial Judge Joshua Wayser, its hard to know where to begin. He refused to let my handwriting expert testify about the forged music contracts. He refused to allow my lay witness to testify about the lockout. He refused to take judicial notice of the fact that the entire federal trial - with all its bogus findings of fact - was overturned and vacated. He allowed attorney Joe Yanny to lie about it, refused to sanction him. After all, if you refuse to look at the judicially noticeable evidence, these crooks can get away with anything.

Read this email - it explains.

Here's the email thread from February 11, 2022:

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