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World's Most Corrupt Family Law Case Finally Has A Ruling

Here it is. After over 8 years, the long-predicted complete wipeout has now been rendered in a 40-page diatribe by Trial Judge Joshua Wayser at the Santa Monica Courthouse. No part of this ruling is legal. There is essentially no law cited at all, and what few facts are presented are provable lies. They literally let my ex wife get away with everything.

I will be going through this bit by bit in a series of videos, when time permits, to explain the criminality and dishonesty. For now, here is Judge Wayer's divine Ruling for your amusement. Below that is my Request for a Statement of Decision, which was denied. A Statement of Decision asks the Judge to explain either the factual or legal basis for the Ruling. As it stands, this whole judgment will be basically non-appealable, because the Ruling doesn't say what the hell it's about, other than it's all about convincing you what a terrible person I am for daring to trying to litigate against the big media mafia that owned all the judges. Clever, no?

Below that is my declaration, explaining the voluminous litigation that took place for 8 years. The whole idea is that they are sanctioning me like $1 million for my supposedly bad-faith litigation, except they never explain what I did wrong. Which is because I didn't to anything wrong, except criticize the government. You'll never read the whole declaration, but just read the Table of Contents.

Ruling on Submitted Matter

Request for Statement of Decision

Declaration Re: § 271 Sanctions

(Never mind that the Judge isn't allowed to bring a § 271 Motion, the other party is supposed to).

For completeness, here are my Closing Argument Briefs and Oppositions. Again, I wouldn't expect anyone to read this all, but if you just check out the Tables of Contents, it tells the story of the Most Corrupt Family Law Case in California History.

Closing Argument Brief

Final Response Brief

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Alex Baker
Alex Baker
2022년 9월 05일

If enough people stop believing in Santa Claus, the whole thing disappears.


This is terrible, but it will only continue to be this terrible if "we" do not do something significant and united to effect change.

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