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URGENT! Alex Seeks Appellate Attorney for the Most Erroneous Family Law Case in California History.

This post is requesting a referral to a California Appellate attorney willing to take on what I believe may be the single most erroneous Family Law Trial in California history. We can negotiate the fee.

The California Court of Appeal stayed my Family Law Appeal, on the basis that I was a Vexatious Litigant. The Court ordered me to file a paper - no more than 3 pages, explaining why the appeal was taken in good faith, and not brought to harass or delay. Fair enough, I suppose (even though the vex lit order against me is completely bogus, based on out-and-out falsehoods).

In response, I filed this paper, which lists 26 bullet points, each clearly stating grounds for the Appeal Court to find a reversible error:

Today, February 8, 2023, the Court of Appeal summarily denied what they called my "Request for Permission to file Appellant's Response." See how tricky that is? They didn't deny my Request. They give no indication that they even considered my request.

Had they done so, it would be obvious them (and to anyone with legal training) that I have stated grounds for a meritorious appeal. Rather, they denied what they now call my request for permission to even file a response at all.

So, if you or someone you know is a California Appellate Attorney, please consider taking this case, ASAP. I'm sure they are set to dismiss the appeal shortly. I can be contacted by email:

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I hope you find an attorney soon. So sorry, these SOB's keep dragging out your case over and over again. You have been treated horrible and pray you get relief soon.

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