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Unfounded, and Request to Close Case Ignored

Late 2017 I was falsely reported on, to CPS. From a bipolar, alcoholic, disgruntled family member. A month after the investigation, my case worker at the time, Garrett Zimmer, wrote in my case file, `unfounded for abuse of any kind `. This specific partof my case file was withheld from me until my case was eventually dismissed months later.

My case did not close, I was not given that information, and CPS carried on as if I was guilty of a crime. It was shocking to read that now that my son is gone, and I have no legal representation. There was a law firm in Washington that gave me a verbal agreement to take my case. We exchanged emails and phome calls for over 1 year. He even requested records on my behalf two seperste times. He had me thinking that my case was going to be handled. So after almost an entire year of trying to find legal representation, I stopped searching. Only to have yet another let down, my case was not being handled, I had no lawyer, and he left me in the dark for over 1 year. Ok, another bump in my road. As if there was not enough mountains stumbled over already.

My case was handled illegally from start to finish. I was most definately set up, there are motives; and I pretty much have the know how to take it to court on my own. I know that is not realistic, because I need to take this one to federal court. I have more than enough of my case files, and I kept perfect notes and saved anything, and everything relating to my case, and my son. Right now, I am coming closer to the deadline to take this to court. I have an extremely solid case, but I was cheated out of an entire year of work to do something against these monsters.

I have been writting a blog, joined advocate groups, written formal complaints; and I have been parental alienated from my only child, due to Sebastian's father. I am tired, overwhelmed, and cry often. I know that good overcomes evil, and I believe in justice prevailing. But I have been feeling really down lately, feeling defeated, and not feeling supported.

Writting makes me feel like i’m not alone, I hope you all are having a good life experience, and have a good support system. My family disowned me when CPS stepped in, because they could not beleive CPS messes up THAT bad. Keep your heads up, keep a close eye on your kids, and keep your enemies closer than your friends. Love one another!💖


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