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This Pivotal Moment - Why Vaccine Passports Will Lead to a Totalitarian State

Check out this well written, nicely narrated and professionally produced video about the societal implications of the vaccine passport. I completely agree that the effects will be profound and horrendous in terms of freedom.

I disagree with the starting point the author comes from however. He believes that we have long enjoyed the freedom to do basically whatever we wish, except for those things prohibited by law. The vaccine passports, he argues, will transform matters such that we will be allowed to do nothing except for those things we are allowed to do.

In my view, the bastardization of rights into mere privileges happened long ago. The U.S. Declaration of Independence basically got it correct, holding that rights are unalienable and from our Creator. 11 years later, in 1787, the adoption of the U.S. Constitution got it completely wrong.

The word "rights" does not even appear in the original Constitution. It's an instrument of unlimited power. Then 4 years later, in 1791, when they shrewdly added the "Bill of Rights,