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Sex Trafficking Bullet Points

Speak Up With Monica

Did you know the following facts?

· Trafficked Victims are used either for sex, labor or organ trafficking.

· The age span is 1 year to 18 years old.

· Average life span of a victim is 7 years!

· 498,000 children are in foster care

· 400,000 children are missing in the U.S

· 700,000 children are homeless in the U.S

· Annually, 300,000 children are forced into prostitution and pornography.

· Every TWO minutes a child is being prepared for Sexual Exploitation & Human Trafficking.

· Every TWO minutes a child is sold for sex

· Child victims will be raped and used for sex for money, by 6,000 men over the course of a five night per week schedule.

· Child Sex Trafficking is all around us, even in our neighborhoods.

· $32 billion dollar industry

· Trafficking is in all 50 states

· Higher prices are obtained for young virgin boys and girls.

· 1.3 million runaways and homeless youth live on American streets every day and 5,000 die each year!

About us

We couldn’t do what we do without people just like you, helping us reach those whose lives have been stolen through human trafficking and slavery. Trauma to Triumph Hear Their Cry Ministries is a faith centered nonprofit whose mission is to expose, rescue and eradicate human trafficking; to provide a safe environment for victims to come and be restored.

Monica Deller, who seeks to bring restoration to wounded and broken people and the love of Jesus to lost souls; she is available for media interviews and to speak to churches and schools on these issues.

Trauma to Triumph Hear Their Cry passion is to meet the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs of those who come through our residential program.



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