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Songwriter Alex Baker Accuses BMI and Attorney Erika Stallings of Fraud

Below is a copy of the April 14, 2021 email to BMI lawyer AnnMarie Mori. The full details of the problem with BMI and Erika Stallings are set forth in the First Amended Complaint, beginning p. 40, "FACTS RELEVANT TO THE UNDERLYING CASE AGAINST BMI."


Dear Ms. Mori,

My lawyer Scott Sobel (copied) informs me that BMI are once again threatening an Interpleader action. At this time, Mr. Sobel does not represent me in that matter. Likewise, I am currently unrepresented as against any Defamation claim by Erika Stallings (copied).

Your threatened Interpleader action is not merely frivolous, it is malicious. You are making intentional misrepresentations of both fact and law. The factual matters in play are judicially noticeable, and therefore beyond any dispute.

The issue of whether the assignment of BMI royalties violated a court order was litigated and argued at the November 7,