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"She did it to herself" Says Attorney Michael Schmitt about Lizzie

Railroading, Stonewalling and Gaslighting on full display in ongoing Weinstein debacle.

I was contacted by a New York attorney Michael Patrick Schmitt, who said he wanted to speak with me about the Elizabeth Harding Weinstein case (see the Timeline on Lizzie's Site).

Mr. Schmitt and I had a 90-minute phone call, the last 52 minutes of which was recorded.

October 4, 2022 Phone call with New York attorney Michael P. Schmitt




As you can hear for yourself, Schmitt is advocating for Brian Weinstein, claiming that Lizzie's allegations of Brian's pedophilia are false. Schmitt's main purpose in contacting me was to ask if I could influence Lizzie to take down her website.

In the first (unrecorded) portion of the call, Schmitt repeatedly implores that Lizzie should take down "that crap" (her site), stating that Brian is 100% innocent, that Lizzie is 100% at fault, and that nothing legally improper has gone on here. I voiced my view that no part of due process has been satisfied in Lizzie's case, as her fundamental right to parent and of liberty have been taken from her without any kind of evidentiary hearing.

I note similarities with the Bradford Lund and Britney Spears cases, where guardians were imposed without proper cause to do so.

It seemed pretty clear to me that Schmitt was representing Brian Weinstein, but Schmitt denies it. Schmitt denies that he even knows Brian Weinstein. Listen to the conversation, and decide for yourself whether that seems plausible.

In Schmitt's mind, Lizzie "did this to herself." In my mind, that's gaslighting.

(Note: a short portion of the recording was edited out during which Schmitt's daughter was heard, having nothing to do with the Weinstein case).


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