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Recordings Prove Clair Marlo Committed Perjury to Falsely Convict Alex Baker of Domestic Violence

In the 2016-2017 DVRO, Clair Marlo lied and Commissioner Alicia Y. Blanco found that Alex Baker used a third person to impersonate Clair Marlo to obtain her personal information. In fact, Alex Baker and his financial adviser girlfriend called up and got Alex removed as an authorized user on Marlo's credit card. Marlo called up a couple days later, and was informed in no uncertain terms that:

  • an authorized user may remove themselves without the cardholder, and

  • nobody impersonated Marlo

Marlo committed perjury, as the phone call and transcripts clearly prove.

Clara Veseliza Baker, aka Clair Marlo, on the phone.


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