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"Preclusion Sanctions" - Los Angeles Show Trial - Karrie Gibson v. James Gibson III

James is above the law, Karrie is disallowed from calling witnesses, admitting evidence, or testifying about financial issues

L.A. Judge Lawrence P. Riff

More Railroading, Stonewalling & Gaslighting in the Los Angeles Family Law case of Karrie Gibson v. James Gibson III. In yet another "unpublished" appellate Opinion [pdf below], the vexatious litigant statute rears its ugly head again. The trial was a complete puppet show, since:

In January 2020, after a hearing on [Judge Lawrence Riff's] order to show cause, the court ordered that due to [Karrie's] noncompliance with pretrial and trial readiness orders, [Karrie] would be precluded at trial from calling witnesses, moving exhibits into evidence, and testifying on financial issues. In February 2020, after a hearing on respondent’s vexatious litigant motion, the court [Judge Sarah J. Heidel] granted the motion and issued a prefiling order.
[In Re Gibson, B307240 (Los Angeles County Super. Ct. No. 17PSFL00745), (not to be published)]

They have now given a name for this particular form of judicial abuse - T.H.E.Y. are calling it "preclusion sanctions." Preclusion sanctions? Why even have a trial if one side cannot call witnesses, cannot move exhibits into evidence, and cannot testify about financial issues? (Hint: follow the money).

Karrie's "crime" is that she was found to have issued discovery requests intended to delay the proceedings. However, there is no mention whatsoever about what discovery she served, or what the issue was, or why James should not have been compelled to produce it. Sounds like the same kind of Stonewalling I got, where they never made my ex provide the real estate and bank records.

Karrie had to represent herself at trial. But on appeal, she managed to get a lawyer. Then, the only issue appealed was whether Karrie got enough time on cross-examination?!?!? What the fucking fuck? How about the fact that she wan't allowed to testify or call witnesses or admit evidence? Wouldn't that raise some constitutional issues, like First Amendment Right to Petition? Fifth / Fourteenth Amendment Due Process? Apparently not, according to Karrie's appellate lawyer Cliff Dean Schneider.

Since he is clearly above the law, I wondered who this James Gibson III is. Usually these immunized privileged individuals are either rich, or a high-powered lawyer, or somebody with serious connections to our Rulers. Googling, the mystery is solved. James Gibson III is the Chief Program Officer of Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services. Thus, he is a total L.A. Court Insider, in the business of preparing false reports on child welfare cases, which reports are automatically admissible and automatically the truth. [See WIC § 355].

With rules like this, why even have a trial?

L.A. Judge Sarah Heidel

Karrie Gibson has posted a website, "", where she contends that she is the victim of a racist court system. This is understandable given that Karrie is Black, while her ex James and the corrupt judges are Not. After I began getting screwed over in the Family Court system, for a while I believed that the system is biased against men. In 2019-2020 I served on the Legal Action Committee at the National Coalition For Men. I no longer believe that.

You see, I have now become aware of too many horrific cases involving men, women, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Latinos, straights and gays. I've seen brutal corruption from Black judges and Black Minor's counsel. All of us victims of court corruption go through a phase thinking the system is biased against our particular demographic. The truth, in my view, is that the system is an extortion racket that serves to reward the Rulers and the privileged members of the Ruling Class. The purpose of the system is to destroy families and take the money.

In my opinion, the logical explanation for the corruption in Gibson is that James Gibson III is a court insider. Karrie is starting to get to the truth on her site, stating:

My husband is a Chief Operations Officer of a prominent non-profit organization. He was previously the mental health director and also case manager. He has worked in Los Angeles County court system for over 20 years, so he is familiar with the court.
- Karrie Gibson

Karrie, if I may say so, your husband James is a lot more than "familiar" with the Court system. He knows that the Court system is a postmodernist extortion racket, where lies are truth and truth are lies. As a leader at Vista Del Mar, he willingly participates and makes a lot of federal money from the kidnapping racket known as the child welfare system.

James Gibson III is one of their guys. Of course T.H.E.Y are going to Railroad through anything he wants to do, and Stonewall anything you want to do. Then, T.H.E.Y. will Gaslight you, blaming you for doing something wrong, just because you tried to conduct discovery. I've seen it over, and over, and over. The only solution to this mess is Voluntaryism, as I shall explain in my upcoming book "Railroading, Stonewalling & Gaslighting."

The Gibson case adds more confirmation to my theory that every non-published appellate opinion is bullshit.


Larry Riff disappeared because he was bought by the Reape & Rickett, Cari Pines, LACBA and the BHBA. His proxies are at a minimum Joseph Lipner (2nd DCA Helper) and Moved to SMCH MarC Epstein.


2ndDCA and Superior Court are just about...1 in the same. Going to have to try matters in district court and change venues.

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