Justice Demanded in Shocking L.A. Court Bribery and Corruption Scandal

In a scathing 44-page letter to the Honorable Kevin C. Brazile, Supervising Judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court, PMJMP president and co-founder Alexander C. Baker:

  • Lays out the irrefutable evidence for bribery and corruption

  • Demands that his civil rights be restored

  • Demands that the matter be referred to federal law enforcement


Want the simple version ? See below...

Judges inexplicably let Baker's legal adversary get away scott free, while railroading Baker into an unfair, unconstitutional show trial

  • Judge Emily T. Spear refuses to hear handwriting experts testify about forgery

  • Judge Emily T. Spear illegally halts a trial, right in the middle of testimony

  • Judge Emily T. Spear Illegally closes discovery

  • Judge Emily T. Spear Illegally denies statutory right to documents

  • Judge Gregory J. Weingart illegally allows woman to take $225,000 in cash

  • Judge Samantha P. Jessner illegally allows attorneys to bring a secret, stealth motion

  • Judge Shirley K. Watkins fraudulently misstates the text of a statute

  • Judge Samantha P. Jessner illegally dismisses entire fraud case on the eve of trial

Notorious Mongols Nation attorney Joe Yanny implicated, while falsely holding his own daughter out as attorney.

See the evidence, Share the story. Make a statement that we will not tolerate court corruption any longer.

Alexander C. Baker

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