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Lizzie Involuntarily Committed to Mental Institution Without Trial

The brutal torture of whistleblowing political prisoner Elizabeth Harding Weinstein continues. In order to avoid having to conduct a trial, the judge deemed her "incompetent to assist in her own defense." Obviously sane and highly intelligent, Lizzie has now been involuntarily committed to a mental institution, after being incarcerated for over 100 days on non-violent misdemeanor charges, and held on $100,000 bail.

Lizzie's petition to be released from the mental hospital has now been denied. Please read her Petition, in which she explains the situation clearly:

Bear in mind that Lizzie wrote this paper. Could a person who is truly incompetent and deserving of being involuntarily committed to a mental institution actually write a paper like this? I don't think so.

Call it communism, fascism, socialism, democracy, republic. Call it what you want. If you don't think we are living in a brutal totalitarian dictatorship, where you have no rights and there is no law - you're wrong.


Where are the men in her life? Where is her Family? Friends? This is insane, beta male culture is excluding men from doing their duty to protect and provide. Another fall out from the 3rd wave feminazis'.

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