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L.A. Judicial Officer Stephen C. Marpet's Illegal Order In Ongoing CPS Baby Snatching Scheme

Los Angeles mother Raneisha Hubbert alleges that her baby's father has recently tried to choke her. Evidently that's OK by Court Commissioner Stephen C. Marpet. After Raneisha attempted to file a restraining order, Comm. Marpet ordered:

[I]f the mother desires to request any type of restraining order she needs to go through her own attorney and file the appropriate document here in the Children's Court- Dept 410 not any other court house. If the court is informed that the mother is filing restraining orders in other court rooms / court houses the court will deem this a violation of the court orders and look into detaining the child from the mother's custody.

Wow. Just Wow. This Order is blatantly illegal, on 3 grounds.