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L.A. Judge Emily T. Spear Accused in Family Court Bribery Scheme

Mongols Nation racketeering gang also implicated.

In a new federal civil rights complaint, Superior Court judge Emily T. Spear stands accused of bribery and corruption in the Los Angeles divorce case between music composer / producer Alex Baker and his ex wife / business partner Clair Marlo. Judge Spear has illegally closed discovery, and illegally waived Marlo’s duty to provide a final declaration of disclosure. Anyone familiar with the court process knows that conducting discovery and receiving disclosures are fundamental rights, not privileges, as clearly written in the statutory law.

With the long-awaited Baker-Marlo trial now fast approaching, this means that Baker cannot get the evidence the Court needs to make correct rulings regarding the money and real estate at issue. And that means that these judges, in collaboration with a gro