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Huge Victory! Ninth Circuit Overturns Corrupt Judgment On Forged Music Contracts Case

Thanks to all the supporters who were court-watching for the March 1, 2021 oral argument. Your presence gave me confidence, and I believe it made the difference.
-Alex Baker, June 21, 2021

It took 3 years, but Alex Baker has succeeded in overturning the 2018 corrupt railroading Court-Trial Judgment suffered in the federal courtroom of (then Chief Judge) Virginia A. Phillips of the Central District of California. The case is headed to State Court for a Jury Trial.

The Ninth Circuit's Opinion Overturning Clair Marlo's Bogus Declaratory Judgment Against Alex Baker

Clair Marlo's Judgment - that the "writer splits" in a series of music production contracts are correct - has been reversed on Alex Baker's appeal to the Ninth Circuit. Marlo now has the option to re-file her complaint in State Court. If she does, it will doubtless be consolidated with Baker's pending fraud action, case LC103241 pending in Los Angeles Superior Court, and waiting for a jury trial.


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