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How can an adult get custody of someone else's child in California?

This was a question on Quora. Below is my answer.

Shaunta Montgomery - legally stole a child by defrauding the Court.

How can an adult get custody of someone else's child in California?

Follow the example set by one Shaunta Montgomery and attorney William Spiller, Jr. in Los Angeles in 2018. Do this:

• Make false allegations of some form of sex abuse against the child’s father (even if the mother and father are still legally married). DCFS will begin investigating (even if the allegation is from years ago, and even if it has already been investigated and found inconclusive).

• While the DCFS investigation is still pending, file a Petition for Letters of Temporary Guardianship. The Court will set the matter for a hearing. DO NOT SERVE the papers on the parents, even though service is a fundamental part of Due Process. Instead, make up a story about how the parents are “fugitives from justice.”

• The Court will appoint and the County will pay for a “Minor’s Counsel” such as William Spilller, Jr. (even though Spiller has already been suspended for Moral Turpitude because he was losing cases on purpose in his former job as a medical malpractice lawyer). Evidently Spiller is exactly the type of dishonest and morally reprehensible individual that Los Angeles County loves to pay.

• Minor’s Counsel and you will show up to the hearing. The parents will not show, because they have not been served. The Judge, such as Judge Gus T. May in Los Angeles, will "dispense with" the notice requirements, as allowed by Cal. Probate Code § 2250(e)(1).

• At the hearing, Minor's counsel will repeat the lies about the parents being "on the lam," and will "waive" the child's appearance, and simply speak for the child. After all, Minor's counsel get big money for doing so.

• Minor's Counsel will ignore the fact that the Father was EXONERATED by DCFS 5 days prior to the hearing.

• The Court will award Letters of Temporary Guardianship.

These facts are taken from a pending civil rights action pending for over 2 years in federal court in downtown Los Angeles, the complaint and all Plaintiffs' litigation papers I drafted.

First Amended Complaint

Opposition to County Motion to Dismiss

Opposition to Spiller Motion to Dismiss

Opposition to State Motion to Dismiss

Exhibits to Complaint

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