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Freedom of the Press, Where Have You Gone?

What is happening to the First Amendment Freedom of the Press? What is happening to Due Process? Is a Court of law still considered a public proceeding? Do we still have the right to report the news?

I'm Alexander Baker for the Post Modern Justice Media Project. Tonight's Special Report. Freedom of the Press where have you gone?

<intro with fade>

Right from the beginning it appeared that the Covid lockdowns were being used to suspend Due Process and First Amendment protections. I for one couldn't help but noticing the eeire similarities to how Adoplh Hitler suspended constitutional rights in 1933 with the so-called Reischtag Decree.

We recently went to the Lamareaux Courthouse in Orange County California.

Let's roll the first clip.

<Let's see what happens>

I had already been inside the courthouse that day. The doors were unlocked. But then

<Open to the public?>

So we watched them let other people in and then had a little conversation with the guards.

<convo with sherriffs>

Closed to the public. That's exactly what they are now saying. I decided to assert my Freedom of the Press one more time, and this is what happened.

<Sheriff shoves AB>

This crackdown is on a whole new level now, even compared to how it was back in May. On May 6, 2020, the guards at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles were telling us that we couldn't go in unless we had press credentials. Here's how that went.

<First Amendment v Totalitarian Round 1>

They said we couldn't go in. I said that we are going in. And we got in. Notice that where the conversation shifted is when I asked them what they were going to do to me if I went in anyway. They didn't have an answer, because they know they are wrong. Folks, court is a public proceeding. We have a right to a free press.

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Remember if it's a right you don't need permission.

If you need permission it's not a right.


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