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Fighting For Justice ... Together. New FCACC Social Platform Goes Live

Our sister organization Family Court Anti-Corruption Coalition ("FCACC") has moved over to a great new social media platform powered by Mighty Networks. Inside you can:

  • Join Teams and Projects dedicated to Advocacy, Media Exposure, Court-Watching, Protests, Complaints against Corrupt; judges, attorneys, social workers, GAL's, custody evaluators, "therapists", "Project Pink Slip" and so much more.

  • Attend free Zoom Meetings for members, daily study group Zoom meetings, and sign up for Court-Watching Events.

  • Learn from our online Courses and Workshops designed for pro per litigants and members with lazy attorneys, who want to take a more active role in their cases.

  • Free access to "Ask Alex," a weekly Q & A Zoom session with our resident legal expert Alexander C. Baker, J.D.

Membership is by subscription only, starting at only $15 / month. That's like 3 cups of coffee. Other plans allow you to join + sponsor in someone less fortunate who also needs our help.

Your friends don't understand what you're going through. We do.


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