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Fear Factor 101

Now is a time of reflection, binge eating and Carol Baskin!

These days it's hard to think too much about what happened in the past. I think nowadays we are all so used to this secluded lifestyle change that we forget about our past. Or is it the opposite? Since this breakdown of society, during the biggest publicized population control attempt of my lifetime, we all have time to focus on what we have been missing: Spending our time handling business otherwise left to the wayside; and perhaps even finishing up, or beginning to write our book.

Now is a time of reflection, binge eating and Carol Baskin!

I have seen the most outrageous things on the mainstream media news that I can only relate to the likes of The Butterfly Project. The ultra hot topic of the season seems to be this flu that has been proven to be synthetic.

The research for this, along with other vaccines were paid for by a huge American mogul, and other Deeply involved monsters in masks. So far thier evil plan is working,  the world stopped working. The economy is crashing, people are being traumatized enough to eat what they are being fed. By reportig all deaths, as Covid-19,  regardless of the actual cause, has kept the entire world in a state of fear and anxiety.  Not to mention, broke, pissed off, confused, and still blinded by the simplest fact that Trump is actually the only man helping us.

He is the only thing standing in the way of the corrupt  puppet masters wearing smiles and handing out lollipops filled with razor blades. Under the guise of this plague, our American President is working day and night. Along side the Military, thousands are being rescued from trafficking operations worldwide. No other president has ever done half of what he has accomplished, in only less than 4 years. Other rich and famous leaders, and rulers across the globe have thwarted their powerful statute.  To abuse, enslave, buy and sell, sacrifice, and even ingest smaller humans then they. Nothing like that would ever be publicized, or even believed if one were to have exposed such heinous crimes. It is more publicly talked about than Biden's dementia right now.  If you know what I am talking about,  and you have heard the horror stories, then you must wonder where all these victims come from....

A disturbing shocker is right in front of your noses. So many wonder why CPS does such a bad job in returning children to their families. CPS case workers are known liars, and the judges are the gate keepers. Money is more important than our children to these bad actors. And our future is being swept under the rug, gone without a trace, we need a super hero to bring justice. This person has to be stealthy, witty and appear too dumb to know what the heck is really going on. They must also, have much knowledge of businesses and where the big money is across the land. Money leads to corrupt operations.  They have to be able to move mountains, build walls, and walk with an army following. The mainstream media wants people to hate Trump; it is not that hard to see. That would mean that somehow he must be a threat to "the powers that (hide) be"-hind the curtains.

I hope people think for themselves and stop the madness. The real plague is not the actual disease, it's fear. Our own stupidity gets us into trouble so often, more often than we let ourselves believe.  Let's all take part in the awakening, and ascend instead of slipping into submission. Before it is too late to change your mind, make a conscious decision to research, look into things, make use of your freedoms. The biggest kicker is, all the troubles we have been through and wars, and threats from "terrorists"; all the suppressed healthcare, minimum wages and unfair judicial systems. They have been strategically placed, to scare the masses, to work toward THEIR agenda.  Nothing we have been taught is actually real. Stop allowing this insanity, walk on your own feet, listen with your two ears and pay attention to what is not obvious. It is going to be the future of our species that will thank us for being smart enough to make our own decisions.

Many people accept the way things are, because they don't want to know the truth. Others are scared to find out, so they don't seek it out.  Then there are the others that know the truth, and no matter how much opposition faces us, we stand up tall with our guardians and angels around us, and bring forth, with positive energy, to tell everyone that knowledge is power! Don't give up humanity! You are made up of pure love, and capible of anything.  You all want to jump to higher dimension,  right? It is a lot easier then you may have thought, just try. Be kind, and think before you make decisions that will be in motion for 4 years , more or less.

Stay positive and believe in a better world, think about happiness, love everyone and realize that we are all one, and everything has consciousness.  If you effect someone or something else, you are effecting yourself. OUCH!


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