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Elizabeth Harding Weinstein: Alleging "Conspiracy" Diagnosed as "Paranoid Delusion"

Lizzie simply wanted to plead innocent. Not a shred of evidence supports any diagnosis whatsoever.

Catherine Calleo, M.D. Diagnosed Lizzie as mentally ill because she believes there is a conspiracy masterminded by her powerful ex husband.

Here are the names and contact information for (at least some of) the medical doctors responsible for the brutal political imprisonment of Elizabeth Harding Weinstein. Embedded is an October 19, 2022 Memorandum from Rockland Psych legal, where they relay Lizzie's request for a hearing.

Note that almost all of what these doctors write is conclusion, without a shred of explanation as to what they may be talking about. The one and only bit of "evidence" for Lizzie's supposed mental illness is that she believes there is a conspiracy to destroy her. For the record, Lizzie is not mentally ill. She is a political prisoner being punished for speaking out about pedophilia and the Covid hoax.

Attached are:

1. Original application for involuntary admission, where a nurse named Moise Belizaire contends, under penalty of perjury, that Lizzie has:

• "...paranoid delusion,disorganized and circumstantial thought process along with poor judgment and insight into her mental illness, and she is unable to care for herself in the community in her current condition. Mrs. Weinstein will need inpatient psychiatric treatment, discharged planning, and supportive community resources to ensure a safe discharge."

The above was signed off on 10/14/2022 by Rockland Psych Staff Physician:

Clovis Raymond, MD

275 Route 304

Suite 200

Bardonia NY 10954

Phone+1 845-507-0442

2. Certificate of Examining Physician, where a phychiatrist named who contends that :

• Lizzie is in need of involuntary care in a hospital for the mentally ill
• Lizzie's judgment is so impaired that she is unable to understand the need for such care
• Lizzie is a substantial threat to herself or others
• Lizzie has a history of non-compliance with mental health treatment programs.

The above was signed off by:

Khaja Mulnuddin, M.D.

140 Old Orangeburg Rd, Orangeburg,

New York, 10962-1157


3. Another Certification of Examining Physician

Finally, a doctor explains that the "evidence" for Lizzie's purported mental illness is:

• Ms. Weinstein's perception of a conspiracy between her estranged husband, the Briarcliff Manor Police, the Village Manager, and the presiding Judge, as well as her lack of confidence in two consecutive defense attorneys and insistence in proceeding pro se.

Perhaps Lizzie didn't like her appointed lawyers because they wanted her to plead guilty? Perhaps Lizzie was demanding a jury trial? You know, like your constitution supposedly says there is a right to? No mention of the fact that Lizzie's ex is not just an attorney, but an extremely powerful partner at Davis Polk, a huge international firm. No mention of the fact that in 2021, Lizzie was arrested without charges, then deemed incompetent, so that a "guardian" could take control of her money. Wouldn't facts like this tend to support a conspiracy theory?

The above "diagnoses" was handwritten by:

Katherine Calleo, M.D.

7559 263RD ST GLEN OAKS, NY 11004

(718) 470-8100

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