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Dirty Judge Trick # 1 - The Recon Con

This is the first in what we hope will become a series of article exposing tricks that judges play to cover up corruption.

The "Recon Con" is when a judge takes your Motion to Set Aside an order for fraud, and converts it into a Motion for Reconsideration. It's a con job. Let's see why.

A Motion for Reconsideration (e.g. Cal. Code Civ. Pro § 1008) is a simple motion brought within 10 days after an Order, asking the judge to reconsider and rule a different way. A Reconsideration must be based on either new facts, or new law not brought into the original proceeding.

A Motion to Set Aside and Vacate (e.g. Cal. Code Civ. § 473) is a different beast altogether. It can be brought with a year of the erroneous order, but may be based on extrinsic fraud, among other things. Basically, you have to prove corruption.

Obviously, getting the Trial Court to Set Aside and Vacate its own order is far more serious than a Reconsideration. Sometimes the Judge will pretend it's a Reconsideration just to have an excuse to deny it. After all, it's a completely different motion with different elements to prove. Other times, the Judge will actually GRANT your motion, but still pretend its a Reconsideration, so that nobody who reads the order will understand that corruption is happening.

The "Recon Con" has happened to twice, and both times my motion was granted, but the real corruption got swept under the rug.

Here is the original corrupt order by Judge Samantha Jessner, Supervising Judge for L.A. Superior Court civil division (pictured above).

Here is a link to my Motion to Set Aside and Vacate a Void Order. It explains the fraud and corruption behind dismissing my entire civil case on an ex parte hearing, on the very eve of trial, for no good reason.

Here is a link to Judge Samantha Jessner's July 14, 2020 Order, GRANTING my wishes by restoring my civil fraud case, but converting my § 473 Motion to a § 1008 Reconsideration.

And here's the real punchline: This hearing was originally set for July 9, 2020. My prior attorney in the matter Marc Angelucci had filed a declaration with the Motion, and was on the Witness List, and prepared to testify. On July 8, 2020, at 4 PM, the clerk in Judge Jessner's Dept. 1 called me on the phone with a very shaky voice, and said:

Your hearing tomorrow has been...postponed.

I asked the clerk why. She got off the phone for over a minute, then came back shakier then before. She said:

Uh, the Judge has, uh, a meeting.

I was given a new hearing date of July 14, 2020. I texted Marc that the hearing had been continued, and gave him the new date. He texted back "OK".

On July 11, 2020, Marc Angelucci was assassinated in cold blood.

My attorney, my supervisor, my mentor, my friend, Marc E. Angelucci, 1968-2020.


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