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Did You Vote? Not Me. Voting is an Act of Violence.

Today was election day. Another round of "throw the crooks out." Problem is, they're all crooks. This has been going on my whole life, and long before that. You can't vote your way out of this mess, because voting is exactly what got us in to this mess.

You see, when you vote, you authorize people in the ruling class to dominate and oppress you. To engage in the armed robbery euphemistically known as "taxation." If you voted today, answer me this:

Was there a check box for "fill this office with absolutely nobody" ?

No? Didn't think so. All you voters are dreaming. In your dream, you're imagining that this time you'll finally get the government you want. But if you were to ever wake the fuck up, and grow the fuck up, you would realize that the government you imagine is literally impossible.

You want government to bring good into the world. But it can't. The problem is not getting the right people into office. The problem is much more fundamental. The problem is that the existence of a ruling class adds nothing to society except evil. Once you see this principle, you will realize that it makes no difference who you elect.

Sure, government is involved in a lot of things that are arguably good and noble pursuits - education, defense against predators, building roads, certifying drugs as safe and effective, and many other things. But here's the point - regular people already have the right to do all of those things.

The idea of a government is that certain special people not only have all the same rights you do, but also have extra authority to initiate violence against you. If I tried to pull you over in because I noticed you didn't have a special little sticker on the rear of your care, you would rightly ignore me. If I persisted, you would be within your rights to either escape me, or to take defensive measures. But if a person calling himself the "Police" treated you that way, then you are commanded to obey.

If I wrote you a letter and demanded you give me 25% of your money, and said that if you refused, I was going to capture you and put you in a metal cage, you would be hopefully ignore me, or tell me to stop. If I sent people to your house to capture you, then you would be completely justified in stopping me, using defensive violence if necessary. But if the people calling themselves the "IRS" treat you that way, you are commanded to obey.

Above are just two of countless examples I could give. For anything good that government does, people already have the right to do that, and the right to charge other people money for the service. Logically, then, the only thing the existence of a government ruling class adds to our world is evil. It's that simple.

Vote for that? Not me. If you voted today, well, way to go. Sit back and wait for the inevitable. You will not get what you want. Ever. On the other hand, if hundreds of millions of people starting actively non-voting, the ruling class would disappear. All you have to do to make them disappear is stop believing that they have special rights to rule you, because they don't.

Voting is an act of violence. Please stop

You don't just vote and that's the end of it. You vote because you want your guy to win. Then, you want your guy to divvy up the stolen money in a way more to your liking. But it can't change the fact that all government money is stolen money. Every penny of it. Government is violence. Everything government does is backed by the threat of violence. When you vote, you are endorsing violence against innocent people. I really wish you'd stop.

I purposely waited til now to post this, knowing that most of you were out there today, voting your little assess off. In the coming weeks, many of you will be convinced that the vote is corrupted or rigged. And you're probably right, although I couldn't care less about that. The rightful winner of the election has no more right to rule me than a fraudulent winner.

Think about this - if they really wanted a fair and honest election, don't you think they could arrange it? Of course they could. Just use blockchain technology, the same algorithm that drives crypto-currencies. Obviously, the whole point of a "secret ballot" is to make the legitimacy of every election un-provable. Nobody could prove an election was fair, nor could anyone prove the election was rigged. And then the Courts are going to decide whether an election was rigged or not? The Courts?!?!?!? How ridiculous to even think.


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