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Dear Biden Voter...

Please listen to the Larken Rose talk below.

I have been a passionate advocate of the Voluntary Society for over 20 years. Voluntaryism is the simple, powerful idea that people own themselves, and should be allowed to do anything they want as long as they do not initiate force or fraud.

I came to the Voluntaryist view through 3 independent fields of study - Economics, History, and Philosophy/Morality. Good economics teaches that a completely free market produces the greatest amount of prosperity and human flourishing. History teaches that governments produce mass murder, enslavement, theft, counterfeiting and torture of all kinds, including the corrupt "justice" system that has gutted so many of us. Philosophy teaches that it is immoral to initiate force. All 3 of these fields converge on the same conclusion - that politics cannot solve our problems, because politics is the source of our problems.

I have only recently discovered Larken Rose, I highly recommend his work for anyone interested in Voluntaryism.


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