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Contra Costa County Bar Denies Allegations of Corruption

In a November 2019 posting from their board of directors, the Contra Costa California Bar Association denies the allegations that judges "are corrupt", "accept bribes", and "are complicit in selling children into sex slavery". The statement dismisses all such charges as "internet conspiracy theories" and "an ongoing campaign to disparage" the judges.

However, the statement is completely devoid of substance, what legal scholars would call "conclusory".

My personal experience is centered in Los Angeles, rather than Contra Costa County. In my cases, at least, bribery and corruption are the only reasonable inference from the string of provably illegal orders that have obliterated any semblance of my rights. I have, and will continue to make well-founded criminal allegations against those responsible, including, but not necessarily limited to Judge Emily T. Spear, Judge Gregory J. Weingart, Judge Samantha P. Jessner, and Judge Shirley K. Watkins, and attorneys Michael A .DiNardo and Joseph A. Yanny.


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